Electronic Signatures

Kindly note the following in respect of all forms to be submitted electronically to the National Insurance Corporation:

  1. The official signature and full name of the individual submitting the form must be placed directly onto the form using a digital pen pad device or similar device and should uniquely identify the signatory. 
  2. A copy of a government-issued form of identification (bearing the individual’s full name, photographic image and signature) must be uploaded along with a form which has been submitted electronically to verify and confirm that the signature matches that of the individual who has submitted the form.

Note: The use of a Digital Signature is not an acceptable means of signing.

An individual who submits an electronic document to the National Insurance Corporation or receives one from the Corporation is deemed to have met the legal requirement to submit a document in writing once it meets all the necessary criteria related to the scope of the document save and except that it was submitted electronically and not in a physical format.  The onus is on the individual submitting the electronic document to maintain a copy (physically or electronically) to ensure the integrity of the information contained therein.