Corporate Information

Board Members 

In accordance with the National Insurance Corporation Act, the Prime Minister & Minister responsible for National Insurance has issued formal notification of the following appointments for the 3-year period ending 01 August 2022:

Mr. Isaac Anthony

  • Chairman (Representing Government)

Mr. Frank V Myers

  • Deputy Chairman  (Representing Government)

Mr. Marcus Joseph

  • Member (Representing Employers)

Ms. Paula Calderon

  • Member (Representing Employers)

Mr. Nigel Fulgence

  • Member (Representing Employees)

Ms. Shani Willie 

  • Member (Representing Employees)

Mr. Matthew Lincoln Mathurin 

  • Director (National Insurance Corporation)

Ms. Kit-Juelle Frank-Amoroso

  • Corporate Secretary

Board Committees

Human Resource Committee

Mr. Nigel Fulgence – Chairperson

Ms. Paula Calderon – Member

Mrs. Nicole DuBoulay – Member

Ms. Shani WIllie – Member

Mr. Matthew L. Mathurin – Member

Governance & Strategic Planning Committee

Mr. Isaac Anthony – Chairperson

Mr. Frank V. Myers – Deputy Chairperson

Mrs. Nathalie Dusauzay – Member

Mr. Nigel Fulgence – Member

Mr. Marcus Joseph – Member

Mr. Matthew L. Mathurin – Member

Group Audit Committee

Mr. Frank Myers – Chairperson

Mr. Marcus Joseph – Member

Ms. Paula Calderon – Member

Ms. Ketha Auguste – Member

Mr. Bertram Clarke – Member

Investment Committee

Ms. Esther Rigobert – Chairperson

Mr. Nicholas Barnard – Deputy Chairperson

Mrs. Karen Fontenelle – Member

Mr. Matthew L. Mathurin – Member

Mrs. Paula Bleasdille – Member

Associated Companies

The NIC Group of Companies now comprises two (2) associated companies:

East Caribbean Financial Holding Company Ltd (25% shareholding)

St Lucia Electricity Services Limited (20% shareholding)

Management Team

Mr. Matthew L Mathurin – Director

Mr. Desmond Dujon-Henry – Deputy Director

Ms. Kit-Juelle Frank-Amoroso – Corporate Secretary

Mrs. Candace Polius – Senior Legal Counsel

Mrs. Sue-Ann Charlery-Payne – Head of Group Internal Audit

Mrs. Paula Bleasdille – Chief Accountant

Mr. Aloysius Burke – Systems Manager

Mr. Irwin Jean – Investment Manager

Mr. MacNaughton McLean – Communications Manager

Ms. Allison Delmede – Human Resource Manager

Ms. Callixta Emmanuel – Operations Manager

Ms. Velina Joseph – Manager, Compliance and Records Department

Mr. Bernard Jankie – Manager, Branch Offices

Mrs. Gisele Mondesir-St Marthe – Manager, Customer Service Department


Mr. Paul Kallicharan – Statistician

Ms. Hyacintha Lisa Leon – Customer Service Supervisor

Mrs. Claudia Elias-Charles – Benefits Supervisor

Mrs. Verlina S. Wells-Joseph – Executive Assistant

Mrs. Elmona Leonce – Records Supervisor

Mr. Timothy John – Chief Security Officer

Mrs. Stephanie Jean – Accountant

Ms. Mable Leopold – Collections Supervisor

Mrs. Janel Joseph-Martial – Chief Inspector

Mrs. Helen Hugobert-Richards – Assistant Human Resource Manager

Mrs. Melissa St. Lucy-Fricot – Rodney Bay Supervisor


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Corporate Information
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  • Electronic Signatures
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