Q.What is a Maternity Benefit?

A. Maternity Benefit is a combination of a maternity allowance and a maternity grant.

Q.Who qualifies for a maternity allowance?

A. A woman who:

  • was in insurable employment prior to a claim for maternity allowance
  • has paid contributions for at least seven months in the ten months immediately preceding the month of expected confinement.
Q. What is the rate of maternity allowance?

A. A maternity allowance is paid at a rate of 65% of the average of the 10 months immediately preceding the month before the month of expected confinement. 

Q. Can a woman be disqualified from receiving a maternity allowance?

A. Yes. If she:

  • Receives full wages/salaries from her employer during the maternity leave period or while on maternity leave.
  • Continues working during the period.
  • Does not have seven months contributions in the last ten months before the month of confinement.
Q. For how long is a maternity allowance paid?

A. For a maximum of 3 months. It can commence from the month before the month of expected confinement but no later than the date of confinement. Should an employee resume work before the expiration of the three months, the benefit will cease on the last day of maternity leave.