Golden Citizens Program (GCP)

The National Insurance Corporation is proud to present the reimagined Golden Citizens program.

The Golden Citizens Program commenced in July 2004 with the aim of protecting the value of the NIC pension and improving the lives of our retirement pensioners by providing them with discounts on the goods and services that they use every day.

The Program was relaunched in December 2023 under the theme “Celebrating Your Golden Years With Exclusive Rewards”. 

To access the discounts and privileges, each Golden Citizen is issued with a Gold Card.

Participating businesses can be identified by the sticker displayed at that business which reads “Golden Citizens Welcomed Here! We proudly accept the NIC Gold Card.” The National Insurance Corporation thanks our business partners for joining hands with us in this endeavour.

The Golden Citizens handbook contains a list of all the businesses that are currently participating in the program and any special requirements or restrictions that might apply. The list will be updated as more businesses come on board.

Eligibility Criteria

The Golden Citizens Program is open to all NIC retirement pensioners as well as members of the St Lucia Association of Retired Persons.

New pensioners will automatically be registered for a Gold Card at the point when they file their retirement benefit claim.

Dos and Don’ts


  • Discounts and rewards are offered at the discretion of the business house and are usually accompanied by special terms and conditions. Do understand the benefits provided and any restrictions which may apply.
  • The discounts offered as well as the participating businesses are subject to change without prior notice. Do keep track of any updates or changes in the program and/or the discounts offered.
  • If you are not sure about the discount or incentive provided by a business displaying the Gold Card sticker, Do ask for assistance and clarification about the benefits on offer even before proceeding with your transaction.


  • Don’t assume that discounts and rewards apply to all products or services at any business.
  • Don’t share your Gold Card with third parties since the benefits apply only to the person in whose name the card is issued.

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