Q. Who is an invalid?

A. A person who is unable to work as a result of a specific disease; bodily or mental disablement which is likely to remain permanent, and is not caused as a result of employment injury.

Q. What are the qualifying conditions for an Invalidity Benefit?

A. An insured person who:

  • is an invalid otherwise than as a result of Employment Injury.
  • has paid contributions for not less than 180 months or has paid contributions for not less than 60 months including 36 consecutive months immediately preceding the month of invalidity.
  • is under Pensionable age.
  • is not in receipt of Sickness Benefit
Q. What is the rate of the Invalidity Benefit?

A. Where an insured person has contributed for 60 months or over but less than 180 months the rate of invalidity pension is equal to 35% of the average pensionable earnings.
Where an insured person has made contributions to the National Insurance for 180 months (15 years) or more, the rate of the invalidity pension is 40% of the average pensionable earnings in the best five (5) years, plus 0.1% for each month of contributions in excess of 180 months.

Q. For how long would an invalidity benefit be paid?

A. For as long as the incapacity continues or until the pensionable age when the benefit would be transferred to a retirement pension.

An Invalidity Grant will be paid to a person who does not satisfy the qualifying contribution conditions for a pension